Stayed up too Late, but had Fun

We had the senior high students over last night for Bible study. Had 6 come to hang out, a good number for random summer events. I really enjoyed seeing the youth again, it feels like it's been a while. After Bible Study we had one girl (in my small group!) stay a little later with her Mom to visit since we haven't seen each other in a while. Then my friend Amanda came over to return our bike rack and to visit for a little bit. Everyone was out of the house pretty late, and then I got online to check email and stuff.

When I was about to go to sleep Tim asked if I wanted to help him make the video of a free give-away drawing he was doing for his blog. I was tired, but excited to be a part of his online's the video:

We slept in this morning, but I still forced myself to get up and do my Biggest Loser circuit training then my 3 mile jog. Then I finally had my first meal of the day at 11:30. I made a real tasty omelette with egg whites, tomatoes, orange pepper, white and purple onions and cheese. Yumm!

My body has gone through a lot in the last week since I started doing the circuit training. And on Sunday we had wake 'n ski which my back and shoulders are completely sore from. Tim and I both tried wake boarding and wake surfing for the first time and got up! I didn't last too long, but I was impressed that I learned how to get up and stay up for a little bit. That's a big accomplishment in itself!