M.U.U.U.C.E 2008

On the bus ready to go!

Tim and the girls (7 to the right of him) on the Xtreme Swing.

Me and Britta buckling up for Steel Venom.

Maddie, Kallie, Brittany and Becca on Thunder Canyon. We did this ride 2nd to last and Brittany and I got the most soaked on our 2 rafts! It was a wet ride home.

Tim and I at the Twins game.

Most, Unbelievable, Ultimate, Urban, Camping, Experience.

The name of MUUUCE really lived up to it's name this year for me. Last year was great being our first time to do a weekend trip with the jr. high at our church, but this year was so much more amazing. God really used the weekend for me to get to know students better, and I am so thankful that God made opportunities for that.

It all started on the bus ride down to the cities less than 5 minutes on the road. I noticed one girl on the trip who I saw every Wednesday night at The Journey but never talked to because of the girls she hangs around, and I just don't know how to relate to them. My mistake, I assumed she was just like them. I am glad to say that I am wrong. She was sitting on the bus alone not talking to anyone, so I asked if I could sit with her, and we started talking about all sorts of things! I was blown away! She didn't really know anyone on the trip, knew who a couple of the other students were, but didn't know them more than a familiar face.

When we got to Faith Covenant and were hanging out at the inflatables I made sure this girl was hanging out with people. I am very impressed with the girls in my small group that went for including someone new into their circle of friends and making her feel welcome.

That evening at Waterpark of America I got to know another girl in our church better, and her friend. I guess I took a while changing into my swimsuit because I couldn't find anyone afterwards. I walked around the waterpark for a little bit looking for anyone, and finally found 2 of our youth girls. I spent the whole evening hanging out with them doing all the slides they wanted to do. Such fun girls!

On Friday we went to Valley Fair. Tim and I pulled together 2 groups of friends to walk around with. We had the biggest combined group from our church walking around. I was thrilled to see the two different friendship circles mesh really well together. It took about one ride until everyone started talking and intermingling. Praise Jesus! Then at lunch we had 3 boys who are brand new coming into the youth group hang out with us. One of them loved all the rides, and the other two wouldn't go on any. Once again the girls totally amazed me and were willing to do a repeat ride that we were able to talk to boys into going on, and then did another easy ride for them.

I am go thankful that God had me go on the weekend trip with the junior highers. I forget how much I love that age and how fun and goofy they are. They're really gullible too! Okay, one more story...

Friday night at the Twins game (Twins won!) we just got in the doors and were waiting for everyone else to gather up so we could find seats together, there was a guy from the host church with us that told some of the boys they had to read all the fine print on the back of their ticket before going in. They weren't really believing that, but wondering if it was true, until I added that they would have to sign something when they sit down saying that they read all of it. Immediately the boys bow their head and start reading the fine print! I watched for a couple seconds then stopped them laughing hysterically letting them know we were joking. They were good for many laughs throughout the weekend and so much fun to hang out with and get to know!


  1. My favorite gullible moment: A 7th grader sitting next to me on the grass looks up concerned and says, "I just felt the ground shake!" I guess he was thinking earthquake or something, so I said, "Yeah, I just farted." He looked shocked for a second, then smiled and said, "Wow, good job!" He totally believed me! lol