Today was my first attempt ever to count calories. I'm using It has most foods in it's system so you choose what you ate or what you will eat and it'll calculate pretty much everything for you. Today I entered things as I ate to see how many calories I had left. While at school I was estimating what I thought I ate and ended up eating my alotted 1200 calories of the day in only breakfast and lunch. Then when I got home I noticed I messed up on my cereal this morning, and ended up being 500 calories off, giving me calories to use for dinner and a snack of popcorn after small group!

I already went through and entered in what I'll eat tomorrow, and I have it worked out to eat a snack after each meal, so I'll get to eat 6 times a day, which is ideal. I'm kinda excited to see how I follow this, and really not looking forward to it at the same time. I'm wanting to quickly finish this so I can go to sleep and put off eating for the night 'cause I'm still hungry.

My Dad has been a huge encouragement with me wanting to be healthy. He is able to limit himself and have amazing self control. Right now, I am really struggling with that. Tim can tell you, I was so whiny about being hungry! :)

This website also sets up a workout schedule for you of what different activities and days you choose. That looks like it should work really well. I'm mainly just nervous about the food part because I really like to eat!


  1. Thanks for posting the web site..I signed up. I need a program like this BADLY:(

  2. You are welcome. It's very helpful for me since I like to do everything on the computer. I stay more organized that way. Although right now I wish I wasn't using it 'cause I'm really really hungry waiting for dinner to finish cooking.