First Day of School

I started my first day of school today. I think this is the first time I've actually started at the beginning of the school year. Granted, today was actually the 2nd day of school, but that's close enough.

The Wedding was beautiful. Glory was gorgeous. And we had a wonderful time with Tim's side of the family. It was so much fun to get to play with Ruby, Noah and Ti. We had such a busy summer we didn't see our niece and nephews much. Hopefully within the next week I'll have the wedding pictures on my computer to post a few.

I was so incredibly nervous to start work today. The week after Tim and I moved to Minnesota I got a call from the high school principal about a para position they had open, so I went and tried it for 2 days, and it was a total wrong fit for me. After that I didn't even choose to sub at the high school. I prayed and prayed and prayed about today. I really didn't want to try something out again that wouldn't work and be on the look for another job. And to my surprise I had a great day today!

I got to the school an hour early since I missed all the meetings before school since we were in Virginia. I had some paper work to fill out then needed to get my schedule and find out what I'd be doing. The principal briefly spoke to me, just long enough to bring me down to my special ed supervisor, who surprisingly is the special ed teacher that I loved working with when I subbed at one of the elementary schools last year. That completely started my day of on the right foot being so excited that I get to work with Paula! And...I am helping out in the ed support classes, which was my preference. I didn't want to go class to class following students around. The last class of the day I am in an elective class to help out students though. That was kind of interesting. I had to get on to some guys in the class that were teasing another student, which I do not tolerate at all. So in the middle of the class watching a video I called the guys out and fixed the problem. Come to find out, it's some of the guys on the wrestling team. I'll have to ask Tim if I can borrow his wrestling shirt to wear on Friday so we can hopefully get to know each other and they'll know I'm watching them and have an in with the coaches. :)

To end my days every day I have a 2 hour bus route, which is only 1 hour this week until the preschool starts up. I was nervous about that too 'cause I was thinking I'd be on a regular bus helping students out, but luckily, it's only for students with special needs, and they are so sweet! I am very glad I don't have any punks to deal with.

I am very pleased with the position I have. Tomorrow I go in for more paper work, and hopefully try to convince them that I need a lunch break in my 6 hour day. (Remind me, and I'll explain that later.) I completely failed at trusting God to put me in a good position that He knows I will be good at. But I am very thankful that He was faithful and did.

I would love to hear how God is working in y'alls lives right now!