Day 3 doing okay

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is day 3 of counting calories. Today was my splurge day. I actually ate 1600 calories, and burned 600 exercising. The worst of these 3 days, but it was the one time for Tim and I to go out to eat. Who knew nachos were so bad for you! :) We ate at Bennigans and split a 12oz steak and the Southwestern Sampler. It actually kinda made me sick after watching very carefully what I've been eating for just a couple days. I'm glad we ate then went exercising 'cause I feel a lot better now. Tim was a good sport to do the cardio of my workout with me. Okay, he actually fussed a LOT! But, he still did it with me.

I've completed 3 weeks working at the high school. It's still going well. Some days are better than others and it all depends on the student's moods. We have to feel out how they're doing each day and some each hour to know how to deal with some of them. Please keep these kids in your prayers. I pray for them every day. I didn't exactly enjoy high school, and to be on this side watching kids go through it is interesting, especially the ones that don't know Christ.

Pray for me. My biggest thing for the year is to stay committed and on track with teaching 2nd grade Sunday school, 9th grade confirmation, and doing the 40 Days of Purpose small group. Also pray that this weekend wont be tempting being home and around food all day. It's been easy at school 'cause I just don't take much food, and I'm forced to follow my meal plan that way.