Change of Schedule

My schedule is really different now for school, but I still like it. Now all day I am in one classroom, which means no aquaculture class, and I have one student I give most of my attention to in the last 2 classes of the day.

I went in to the district office this morning and also got my lunch break figured out for the day. I will start at 10am each day and be done at 4:30. I am at the high school from 10-2:30 with an unpaid half hour lunch, which apparently is common? And then from 2:30-4:30 is my bus route.

I'm kinda bummed that I'm not in aqua culture 'cause I don't get a class with 2 really neat kids, but I do get to ride the bus with them which is nice. I was also kinda worried about the kid who was the attention of the punks the day before in class. I hope things went well and there wont be anymore problems. When I showed up this morning and was told about my new schedule it's because the other para that is in the class is working specifically with some of the students in there, so I was moved to a class without a para. They also told me that the teacher was impressed with me handling the boys yesterday and that he wanted me to stay instead, but that couldn't happen. I'll be praying for that class.