Having a Blast!

On Monday it was too windy to try kayaking or paddle boating, but it was sunny so Katelin and I just jumped into the water, went all the way under water, stayed in for about 2 more minutes, then had enough of the cold.

Tuesday was sunny again, so the water had 2 days to warm up, and there wasn't any wind, so it was perfect for kayaking and playing with the paddle boat. We had quite an adventure with all the spiders that we tried to clean off of the kayak and boat, but still had a few friends with us on our ride which made things interesting. We were able to go swimming for a little bit longer today, the water was still cold, but felt a lot warmer compared to the day before.

Wednesday Katelin and I went to a few shops downtown. We went to the Christian Book Store, used book store, and a cute trendy store (which we pretty much looked at a couple things, saw that they had chips and dip samplers, ate some of that, looked around for a few minutes, got another chip and dip then left). Then we went to an antique store (there's lots to choose from!), and the craft store and headed back home for lunch.

After lunch Katelin and I went up to the church to organize and redecorate the youth announcement board outside of Tim's office. Sunday is officially kicking off the new youth website so we made a banner for that and made information easier to find for parents and youth.

And today after sleeping in, eating breakfast at 11:30, pretty much just laying around the house all day, we finally left the house at 9:45pm to go out for ice cream and bowling. I won the first game by quite a bit and lost the second by quite a bit. While Tim and Katelin were warming up, I was getting worst! My wrist always hurts after bowling, and all of our fingers were aching.

I'm not sure what we'll do for the rest of the time Katelin is here, but I hope we don't have any more lazy days like today. We were going to swim today, but by the time we all had our swimsuits on and were ready to go, a cold front came in and took us below 60! Not good swimming weather, and the sun was no where to be found to help. Our xbox has been used more than ever this whole year, and I'm working on a puzzle Tim's family brought me when they came to visit.