Nice Relaxing Day

Here's a picture of our group that went to MUUUCE (pronounced moose).

Tim and I went to sleep around 11 last night and slept until around 10 this morning. It was so nice to sleep that long. I have felt really sleep deprived lately, and today I felt really refreshed. It was funny 'cause one of the youth this morning said that he was still really tired, and he had slept for 13 hours! I was surprised that I felt rested. Today was rainy so we didn't have any events going on. Tim and I had a quiet Sunday afternoon and evening together, which I can't remember the last time that has happened. We were able to work on our budget and figure out how Quicken works better. I'm excited about us doing a budget, now we have to be disciplined and stick to it. I'm going to try even harder to find a cheaper place for us to rent so we can get out of debt and save up for a down payment to buy a house.

This week will be pretty busy for us. Tomorrow and Tuesday night we'll have the youth leaders over for a training from 6-9 both nights. Then Wednesday and Thursday we have youth group from 7-9 at our house too. I'm not sure how much work I'll have this week. They should have had the machines going Thursday and Friday while I was gone, so depending on how well they're running will determine how much work I have. I am definately bringing a book to help pass time if needed. I might not write much this week, unless something happens I can't help but to write about. We'll see. Writing also helps me relax and focus.
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