Wake N Ski

Almost every Sunday this summer our youth group has had Wake 'n Ski. We all meet up at someone's lakehouse and about 3 boats get together and take the youth out for skiing, knee boarding, wakeboarding, jet skiing, tubing, what ever is available and spend the afternoon on the lake. I think this has been a great ministry. It's a time for kids to learn things they haven't had the opportunity to before, and it's a time for all of us to bond over something we enjoy, and encourage each other with getting up and accomplishing what someone wants to do. We also have a devotional and eat dinner together. Yesterday I skiied for the 2nd time ever, and did it twice. I took a break inbetween to knee board, which I think is my favorite, but I wanted to ski to get the hang of it...plus it's a great workout, I am sore!

We have 2 new pets...well neighbors actually. Just yesterday we noticed we've got 2 hawks that like to hang out in our trees. If you look closely you can see one in the middle of this picture. The second one was on the tip of the tree, but I scared it off trying to go out a squeaky door to take a picture. They were up bright and early this morning squawking away too. It's really cool being surrounded by so much wild life up here.
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