Short Week at Work

I only worked 16 hours this week. I already took off for Thursday and Friday to help chaperon a youth trip. And then today we finished testing our 2 machines, so they're getting shipped out today, meaning tomorrow is just moving machines around and getting them ready for testing to begin again. I'm bummed that I didn't get many hours, but I know I need the rest, and I'll have time to go apply to a couple jobs tomorrow. Our house could also use some cleaning before we're gone for the weekend.

Oh! And I am so excited! We will be going to the Twins game on Friday night, and guess who they're playing!!! The Texas Rangers! I'm so excited! After living 3 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I hadn't ever made it to a Rangers game. I was looking up the Twin's colors so I could wear them at the game, but now I think I might get out my Texas gear for the game.

I'm tired, I haven't had the chance to sleep in, in almost 2 weeks 'cause I worked on Saturday.

Tim and I are still waiting for our niece or nephew to be born any day now. Pray for Maggie as she waits for the baby to come.