What a Storm!

I usually really like storms, I think the thunder and lightening are exciting and I like to sleep to the sound of rain. But last night scared me. I woke up around 1:30am feeling like I was in a car wash. The rain was pounding on every window in our bedroom. I quickly got up and closed the windows above our bed, and before I could close the ones on the sides of our room I got sprayed with the rain while standing in the middle of the room! After closing everything in our bedroom I ran down stairs to alarm Tim that we needed to close every window in the house...which all were open including our sliding doors...to say the least, our carpet was wet. :)

One the way to work I think I was just in a state of shock the whole way. Starting with pulling out of our drive way. Our landlords had 2 trees down, one a huge evergreen pictured above, and then another oak or something by their house was down. Further down the street a tree was over with the trunk split in half, and at the stop sign to go into town, there was a trampoline all torn up in the middle of a corn field. All the cornfields were ruined and blown over. And right by work there was such a crazy looking wall of rain with clouds I hadn't ever seen before, or remember seeing.

I got off of work at noon and everything was gorgeous. I absolutely loved today. Tim and I spent time going to the bike shop looking at possibilities for me 'cause someone gave us a gift card. And went out for dinner. Then I came home and took tons and tons of pictures which I loved doing 'cause I feel like I haven't had much time to do anything today. And now I need to get off so we can go watch a movie together. I started an online photo album, so you can see all my pictures from today here.

This is what today ended up looking like. It was gorgeous! A perfect day for taking pictures!

I know you think this picture is kind of random...and it is...but this is Eureka. I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of him to share with everyone yet, so here he is. We've had him for about a month now. Oh! I almost forgot. I had read before that you can train a Beta to eat out of your hand, well I was just playing around holding a piece of his food in my finger tips and he jumped up and took it from me! It scared me so much, but that was so cool! Tim tried it, and he wouldn't take it, but ate it when he put it in the bowl. I guess Eureka has bonded with me all the days I have fed him and been in the kitchen cooking with him. Who thought a fish could be fun! :)