Our Hawk

(Sorry the picture is blurry, I took it through our window screen.)

What a great morning to wake up to a hawk outside our window. I was so drowsy getting up, and to my surprise on our roof just about 4-5 feet away from me was one of the hawks that have been hanging around in our trees. I can't help but to praise God when he sends pictures of His amazing glory. And I've needed those with working 10+ hours each day. I'm glad that I have this job to help Tim and I kick start getting out of debt, but I dread being bored all day. Since the teaching positions were filled I'm now looking for an administrative assistant position. I really liked doing that right before moving from Texas. So now I'm asking God to guide me where he wants me, and for that to be a place where I will love it as much as I did my last position in Texas.

I wish I was blogging more often, but I get so wiped out after a long day at work. I had Tuesday off, but I still worked more than 41 hours this week. I worked 11.5 today, and I'm going in tomorrow morning (Saturday!) for another 4 hours. I could probably work a full day, but I'm exhausted and already dreading not getting to sleep in tomorrow. Pray for me. I don't want to wear myself out with all of this work, but I think I am. Pray that God will give me the strength and energy to work as much as possible through this job. I only have it through the end of the month, maybe a little longer. After that I more than likely wont have something as well paid.

I've been waiting a couple days to have some time to blog and post the picture of our hawk. I love it. I hope everyone is doing well. Pray for my great g'ma Z. I got a lovely letter in the mail from her yesterday and she just found out that she is anemic due to her age (she'll be 91 at the end of the month). She said she doesn't have as much energy as she use to, which surprised me to hear and makes me sad. I loved seeing her last summer for mine and Tim's wedding and seeing how spunky she was at 90. She was always on the go with us never wanting to stay behind to rest.

Okay, I need my sleep and spend some time with Tim. I miss him like crazy with working these long days. I get to see him for lunch which helps a lot. I still miss him though.