Get Ready, Set, Go!

My family moved me out yesterday. They met the family I am staying with, then took Tim and I out for a late lunch. I loved getting to spend a whole month with my family in December. It was wonderful and I had a hard time letting go of them last night.

I am really nervous about this semester, and this year. My plans for this year God willing are . . . Student Teaching starting pretty much tomorrow for me. Graduate in May. Move back home for the summer. Find a job somewhere in Texas. Move there and have my own classroom in the Fall.

Wow! I don't know if I'm ready for that many life changes in one year. But I guess God knows I can handle it, and He will help me through it. So here comes the most trying and stretching year of my life. I thought I'd already lived through that. I just hope that it'll slow down sometime in my life. But then that would mean I have no more to learn about God and growing close to Him. God knows that I am a hard learner, and it usually takes big changes in my life to get my attention. I'm paying attention now. I feel like I am looking at the future through brand new eyes. I'm not really sure what my feelings for this year are. I'm excited, but very curious to find out what all God has in store for me, and what other life changes will happen besides the obvious with school and work right now.

Lord, give me the strength to go through tomorrow. Give me rest tonight and a good morning start to this experience. I'm scared. But I know it is in your hands, and you have prepared me thus far. Give me the courage when meeting my teacher and teaching team and principals of the school. I am so grateful for my life and this experience I am about to journey through.


  1. Thanks for being with us this last month. Have a great new beginning at school. You will do great. Love, Dad