Turkish Delight with a side of Basketball

My stomach is full, the dog is whining 'cause she's locked outside, the house is finally starting to quiet down, and Turkish Delight is sitting on the kitchen counter. Tim has been singing "Turkish Delight" by David Crowder almost all night and it was really funny to come home to Pamela telling me that she got me some Turkish Delight to share with my students at school. So maybe one day next week if they are on super good behavior I can give them some...since it's store bought I think it might be okay, but I still have to check.

The kids were insane today. Can't even describe it. At some points they were little angels, and at other, little terrors.

Tonight was good though. Yesterday Brittany and Deanna told me about their basketball game tonight so I took Tim and watched their game then we stayed for Bianca and Shannon's game. So much fun. I really enjoy watching basketball, especially when I know people who are playing. I took quite a few pictures, but will have to look at them over the weekend. I don't really know how many good pictures I took. People move around too much playing basketball for taking pictures. :)

It's already past my bedtime so I need to get off. I have to be up at 5 so I can be out the door between 6 and 6:10 in order to be at the school at 6:45 for a parent-teacher conference at 7. Then tomorrow evening Tim and I will be joining Phillip and Jessica at a musical. I really like musicals, so that should be lots of fun. It'll be a really long day tomorrow. Good thing the weekend is just around the corner.


  1. I do believe I took YOU to the basketball games. :-P

  2. Well I invited you!

  3. Hey, and I paid too! :-P