New Year, New Experiences

It is 2006 and I got the opportunity to start this new year with my once again boyfriend, Tim. We've had some bumpy roads, but big thanks to God and thanks to Pastor Rol, we now know how to deal with situations when they arise, and our relationship is much healthier. I am glad that we had a few months to work things out before trying our relationship again. I think and pray that things will be much better, happier, wiser, and healthier this time around.

Tim came over Thursday morning early and just left about an hour ago. It was nice to spend a few days together. And also spend it with my family. I think Tim was trying to get on my dad's good side. ;-) I appreciate it, and I think my dad did too. We had fun with my family playing games (card games and video games), went to Texarkana Fun Park to play mini-golf, ride go-carts and try out the batting cages, went shopping a couple times (I'm good for not shopping the next couple of months), played with the cat, cooked meals, and a lot more that I cannot remember.

My favorite was getting to open up my second Christmas present from Tim. He made me a wonderful book of our relationship with the dates and places each picture was taken. After reading through the book, tears in my eyes, Tim asked me if I wanted to try our relationship again. We have a lot that we've learned over the year and especially the last 3 months to put into action with our relationship. I pray that God keeps us on track and this time wont end like the first try.

I realized one night while Tim was praying before we went our separate ways to sleep that this year is going to be HUGE for me.

I start my student teaching a week from tomorrow. I graduate in May which will activate my teaching certification. And God willing I will have a teaching job and my own classroom in August.

I'm pretty nervous. I know God will provide for me, so I need to trust in that and give every day to Him each morning as I wake up. This week I found a perfume that I want to wear. I am wanting to transition into being an adult professional, and this is just one thing I though I could enjoy in this transition. It took me a couple days to finally figure out where to buy it with the expensive price in stores, and then bargain shopping online. I finally decided to get it online (with Tim's help). Tonight, my dad gave me another decision to make. My grandparents are selling their car, and he wanted to know if I wanted him to buy if from them for me. After an hour of contemplating it, fussing that I had to make an adult size decision, and talking with Tim and Dad about it, I decided to wait and not get another car right now.

I almost freaked about having to make the decision about the car. If it took me two days just to decide where to buy my perfume from, I have a lot to learn and a lot of maturing to do this year. I am so used to having my dad take care of me, and nothing being in my hands. I'm not use to having to depend on myself and God. There's always been a third party (Dad) involved to bail me out if I am in a tough situation. I pray that God helps me mature before I have to decide where to take a teaching job and where to live and what car to get this summer, and figure out how to budget my life.

So here goes nothing, 2006 will come as God has planned. So now all I have to do is trust in God, put my life in His hands and take each day as God gives it to me.


  1. This is great news! I am so happy for the two of you. I also can't wait to see you. It has seemed like forever!:)