Wonderful Wednesday!

My girls in small group just made me feel sooo special tonight! It's great to see how much people love you, and tonight I did. And I am hoping starting in a couple weeks they will start helping me out with the lessons for Wednesday that way I wont be so stressed when it comes to planning the lessons, and also that will give me personal time to spend with the girls. Lord, please let that work. I love student teaching, and that has to take number one in my activities I do right now, and I love my girls and I do not want to have to back out of working with them. My faith is in Christ, and I know He will show me what is best to do in my life right now. We talked about prayer tonight, and it was so well. It was great to get to talk the whole time and discuss something that is an intimate part of life in our relationship with God. This lesson should take probably about one or two more weeks to hit all the aspects of it.

More good news to make this a wonderful day...

My teacher came to me telling me how much the other teachers are bragging about me. As I have heard, this school had two horrible student teachers last year...(which I am thinking is why I am the only student teacher in the whole school)...and everyone kind of gave my teacher a hard time when they found out she was taking on a student teacher. My teacher told the other teachers to tell me themselves how much of a good job they are doing, so when I was checking to see if one of them needed supplies for science, she bragged to me about me for about 5 minutes. And the best part of the compliments was that she said they are all going to push for me to get hired on next year! What a praise! Praise Jesus that just within the first 3 weeks people are seeing this potential that God has put in me. Every morning I ask God to give me the strength and wisdom to learn what I need and do what I need to be a successful teacher. And by what the teachers at school have said, He has been doing that for me.