Living Situation

I am really enjoying my living situation this semester. The early mornings for commute aren't so much fun, but this is definitely a great situation God set up for me. Pam and Brian have been great. They are really laid back and so very generous. I've already been a little spoiled living with them, and their response, "One day it'll be your turn to do this for someone else." I feel bad because I have only gotten to visit with them really just one time. With school and church my schedule has been very busy. I've tried to limit my time hanging out with Tim so I can spend time with Pam and Brian, getting to know them and visit some. I've got the house to myself right now, which is nice. I'll probably go to Tim's and watch a movie here shortly. I am enjoying the alone time right now after 24 hrs non-stop with people. But I also want to take advantage of time I can spend with Tim. Plus I think he might enjoy that. :)

Last night was our youth lock-in. Which I am still wondering if that was a good idea for me to do. I feel like I have a head cold right now, which will just have to be fixed with a lot of sleep and rest tonight. I haven't gotten to grading my papers and planning lessons for Monday and Tuesday yet, so it looks like thats what I will be doing tomorrow. I don't have a choice.

My bird, Sugar is not doing well. I am going to check on him when I go to Tim's. Tim found him sitting on the bottom of the cage this morning with his leg limp. Then after a while his leg started spazzing. When I left his wing was doing it along with his leg. If he can heal from this I hope it is soon. I am going to take a dropper with me to see if he will drink and keep him hydrated. If he wont make it through this I hope it happens soon. He looks so pitiful. It's really sad.