I Passed!

I passed! I passed! I passed! I passed! I passed! I passed! I passed!

I just checked my email and saw "Your TExES unofficial scores." I am so nervous when I see that email because the contents tell me my future. I was sooo happy to see "Status: Passed." I was more worried about this test because it is the PPR, I'm better at the Generalist than PPR. So I am sooo excited to know that my tests to be a certified teacher are over! Now all I have to do is make it through Student Teaching and Graduate in May and then I will be a certified Texas teacher! I bounced all around the house with the news telling my Mom, Dad, Sister and Boyfriend. What a wonderful night! Looks like this will be a good New Years for me!


  1. Congratulations Dana!!!!!

  2. Good job! Texas' newest certified teacher. :)