The Fear of Change

Last night I read more about the types of fear that can keep us from God's perfect love. Every one listed in "Do You Think I'm Beautiful" I relate to. I have either experienced it a long time ago, recently, or have the potential of going through it soon. I think I'll save everyone from another super long post and just share one fear a day.

Change is something that we can never get around. Everything is constantly changing; me, people, life experiences. There is nothing in my life that I can think of that will always be constant, except for Jesus Christ. I use to struggle with change a lot. Growing up with my dad a United Methodist Pastor we moved a lot. In fact they just moved this summer, so this is my first Christmas in this town. I have come to enjoy some of these changes, looking forward to the people I will meet. Every once in a while a change will come along that I am not too fond of. But I know if I hold on to Christ then he will carry me through.


  1. Sometimes change, although initially perceived as a loss, really turns out in the end to be a blessing that forces growth and maturity. Although we rarely feel this way in the moment, looking back it becomes clear that God uses change to get our attention. As humans we cling to stability as tightly as possible, as if to make stablity our god instead of God. Sometimes He has to shake us loose of stability in order to direct our attention to where it really needs to be focused.

    I look back over the past year or so of your life, Dana, and there has been a lot of change in your life: education, living situation, friendships, and romance. I really think that it's because of this that you are now a different person than you were this time last year. You've grown and matured a lot both spiritually and emotionally. The change forced you to take a closer look at yourself, your needs, and how to meet those needs.

    This past year change has really kicked you in the butt, but I know we can both look back and agree that it's been a huge blessing for growth and maturity in both our lives. The person I see now is someone I can't wait to be with again! :-)

  2. Tim, that means so much to hear coming from you. You have been someone that I have admired for years and it is great to have this come from you.

    The changes that God showed me that needed to be done were not easy. And still aren't as I have to remind myself of them, or God reminds me when I get off track, or you too. I thank you for your patience with me as I work through the inner aspects of my being that needed changed. I know I still have a lot of work.

    I have been learning even more with the book I'm reading. Many tears and frustrations went into my changes, and the new ones I am learning now. It is overwhelming to know what God wants of me, and then having to do the multiple tasks and know that it will take time. I'm not patient. ;)

    I am so happy I have you and Debra to hold me accountable in my different areas. Debra convicted my heart last night. I know what is right, but it is good to have someone else to push me along. God has blessed me with ya'lls friendships.