Fantastic Family Fun! :)

I have really enjoyed the time I have been given to spend with my family. The first week wasn't too much fun with surgery and not being able to talk. I think I was great entertainment for everyone though while they made fun of my mumbling.

The last two nights my family has sat around and played games for a couple hours. I have not played Rook in so long. I'm still craving some more play time. Rook has been our family game for a very long time. I'm not sure how long, I just know that ever since I was in about 2nd grade I was playing Rook. We have also played Skip-bo and Uno Attack. Both very fun games, but not as great as Rook. :)

The cat has been a highlight in this time at home. She has so much energy and can get really wired up one second, then the next she is the perfect kitty to cuddle and hold. It's funny how she is like that. She loved opening presents. We had a box that we put all the wrapping paper in that she played in for a while. I made a ball for her out of the tissue paper we used and wrapped rubberbands around it. That and her yarn ball I made are some of her favorite toys besides any of the boxes we have left out from presents. She is so much fun! We have to watch her around the birds though. My birds are up high out of reach, but my family's bird likes to climb all over her cage, and occasionally get down on the ground and go see what the cat is doing . . . not a great idea.

I went and saw The Chronicles of Narnia again yesterday. Tim took me to see it on the opening night, but my family hadn't seen it yet, so we made a day of it and got some pizza afterwards too while dad talked and talked about it, which I caught on and told Katelin he was working on his sermon trying to figure out all the points he wanted to make. :) I got Katelin the Revolve New Testament Bible, so we have been spending time together reading in Matthew. I love hearing my sister read God's word and spending the time with her doing that.

I'm not sure what all we're doing today, maybe mom and I will go do some student teaching clothes shopping for me and run a couple errands. I want to find some cheap xbox games for Katelin to buy so she has more multiplayer games too. Tim comes over in 2 days! I think we might all go to the Texarkana Fun Park when he gets here to ride go-carts and play putt-putt.