The fear of failure

It's funny how the only times I can remember worrying if I will fail or not is when I feel that God is calling me to something. If God is calling me, then I should have nothing to worry about. If God wants me to do something, he will provide the way.

I start my student teaching next semester, and have been nervous about how well I will do. Then I start thinking about how easily God has made it for me to understand all the classes I have taken to prepare to be a teacher. And God has also used the teacher I will be working with to encourage me. She contacted me first, and emailed me again the other day letting me know how excited she and her teaching team is for me to come and work for them.

For Christmas I got a very cute box/briefcase type thing for me to put my papers in I'll be bringing home to grade. I also got a couple other "teacher" items. It's so exciting to receive things like that. Makes my teaching days more of a reality. I'm nervous, but I think I am starting to get a little more excited than nervous.

How awesome God is to protect me from this fear before I start my teaching.