Praising God with a smile

While sitting in church today I reflected on my wonderful weekend. I have had a couple frustrations with not being able to talk well, but I felt as if God kept on reminding me of all the blessings he has given me the past couple days.

I do not like to go to church when my throat is sore because I love to worship in song, and it saddens me more than my soreness when I cannot sing. So today in church while everyone sang I stood there smiling at the choir and choir director, and enjoyed all the voices in the sanctuary. I wanted to tear up a couple of times, but felt God's peace telling me that it was okay I could not sing, that it is okay to be quiet and listen. I should use that lesson more often in my life. I was very happy that today was the Sunday for Williams Memorial's Cantata. So I only had to not sing for one song, and got to sit and enjoy the beautiful music the rest of the service. The 24 instrument orchestra and 46 person choir was an honor to sit and listen to (my Mom one of the choir members).

When I was walking into the sanctuary I felt rude because the man who handed me my bulletin was so kind and said good morning, and out of my embarrassment of not being able to talk well, I nodded, put my head down, and forced out a smile. I decided to sit near the front so no one would recognize me and want to talk. Not too many Methodists sit towards the front so I figured I would be safe. Now Dad being the pastor, he has the opportunity to say what he wants, especially while doing the morning announcements. So since I so strategically decided to sit near the front, dad announced to his church that his daughter was in the congregation and had me stand for all to see. Luckily this was the early service, and it was not as full as the other 2 Sunday services. He then proceeded to tell everyone that I got my tonsils out Tuesday, and therefore would not be able to speak to anyone. Although I am usually shy when dad does this to me, I was grateful that he let the congregation know the reason why I was not talking.

I know I am going through my weekend backwards, so I apologize to those who like to go in order, but I felt like it works out better this way. =)

Yesterday was my family's open house. Each time my family moves to a new church Mom and Dad like to do an open house and invite the church over for food and fellowship. This way people can come and see what the parsonage looks like now that there is a new pastor living in it, and it is a great way for the church to visit with the Pastor and his family, and get to know us a little better. Again, because of my tonsillectomy, I was nervous about people thinking I was rude because I could not talk much. Luckily Tim was a great friend to stay by my side and be my voice. It looked like he was enjoying himself because he got a good laugh out of watching me try to eat, since I cannot open my mouth all the way I got chocolate all over me quite often. And one time when I got up to get some more food, I came back to find Tim in the middle of a few little old ladies talking up a storm. It was a very cute site to see. I wish I got a picture of it. =) I was impressed with how gentleman like Tim was, with speaking for me, and also pampering me by getting me my food and water I wanted and making sure I was okay. I was impressed by the fact that he does know how to pamper.

Before the party Tim, Katelin and I played Uno. It was great to have the three of us hang out. I can tell that both my sister and I are growing up when we can do that and have great laughs and hang out as friends. Then we went to BlockBuster right before the open house started and rented Kronk's New Groove. I had tried to rent the movie the day before, but both video stores were out of it. I wanted to surprise Tim with the movie 'cause I know how much he likes Emperor's New Groove, but was upset because they were out. I figured we could try while he was here, one more time to chance if someone had brought it back, but no one had. The man working at Block Buster was so kind. He took one of the dvds on sale and made it into a rental movie for us. What a great deed he did! So we ended up getting to watch Kronk's New Groove after the open house.

Although I have been pretty bored with sitting around the house trying to heal, and frustrated that I cannot talk as much as I would like, God has really blessed me with a wonderful weekend. I could not have asked for a better Saturday and Sunday. Now I think I will help today get even better by taking advantage of the time given to me to spend with my family, and see if there are any games we can all play together. I really enjoy my family, and have come to cherish every moment I can get with them. I believe my family is the most wonderful gift God has given to me. Again I am blessed, and I will praise God with my smile.


  1. Hey, suck up the pampering while you can. :-P

  2. I will take it when I can! I do not want to over use it either though.