A Break from Packing

Tim and I bought me a new car today. It's a 2003 Saturn VUE.

The pastor's son at our new church is looking into buying a car down here, flying down here to get it and drive it back up. From him and a couple other people, and through our own research we have come to find out that used cars in Texas are cheaper and in better shape than cars up North. After going and checking out the car for our pastor's son, we decided to just look around and see what we could find if this is true, not thinking too seriously about it, but we came across a deal that we think is really good.

The car was traded in about an hour before we went to the Saturn dealership and they quoted us $8,995 for the VUE with almost 49,000 miles which is less than average mileage on a vehicle for it's age. History check came up clean. If we weren't going to buy the VUE they were going to put it on the lot tomorrow for $10,995.

Last night I stayed up until 2am researching online about the vehicle, and even got back on at 7:30 'cause my mind was going a mile a minute thinking about everything else I wanted to learn about it, so I couldn't sleep any more. I even joined a Saturn forum so I could discuss with owners of VUEs to get their opinions. I kind of felt like a jock getting on the Saturn forum talking about cars with all the men on there. It's been fun though! :) They had good insight.

We'll go and pick the car up tomorrow. Since it was just traded in yesterday they've had it in the workshop checking everything out, put 2 new tires on the front (FWD). It's a manual which I like. We were going for either a manual or AWD with us moving to Minnesota. Tim drove it today after everything was done except them cleaning it out.

So tomorrow we'll go pick the VUE up, I'll hopefully have some pictures to post, and then we have to really tackle all of the packing that needs to happen.