Sweet Texas Air

I've been told that Minnesota has a crazy cold in town right now. They've been getting into the -20s, or -35 with the wind chill. Today I ran around town getting errands done before we move. I kept pretty busy (dumpster diving for boxes) that I got pretty warm. It was perfect weather today for short sleeves, and windows down in the car. While I was packing and cleaning the apartment I turned our heat off and opened up our sliding door to let the fresh air in. Tomorrow should get into the high 60s. Another beautiful day!

I've been keeping my eye on the weather up in Minnesota for when we arrive...and hopefully it's telling the truth that it should be in the 20s instead of -20s. Still not quite the 'no-heat-let-the-fresh-air-blow-through' type of temperature, but it'll be warmer than -20!