Happy Valentines Day!

Tim and I enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day! It was perfect to give us a rest from unpacking too. We spent the morning packing waiting for the tv and internet guys to come out, and then we were on our way.
First we took a 30 minute flight around town and got an aerial view of our home and all to beautiful lakes in the area. I was nervous at first with being in such a small plane, but it was such an amazing experience. And Tim took some great pictures of our house and church from way up high.
After our flight Tim surprised me with a gift from our church. A night's stay and dinner at the Arrowwood Resort. This was such a wonderful treat. And it made me relax and not think of everything that needed done at home. We gave ourselves a tour of the facilities, amazed by the indoor water park, and then went on to dinner. We were seated by the window looking out upon the frozen and snow covered lake. So beautiful and romantic!
An up and a downside to the night...our stay was free even for the church because we were woken up several times by our noisy neighbors between 1am and 3:30am. We called the front desk around 2:30 to complain, and it quited down a little bit, but the last straw was when they were messing with the adjoining doors between our rooms. So around 4am we packed up our stuff and came home. And slept great the rest of the morning!
I was really looking forward to ordering room service for breakfast in the morning and relaxing as long as we could before check out, so Tim was such a charm with waking up to cook and bring me breakfast in bed.
I am very pleased with our first Valentines Day as a married couple. And...we get to go back for a free stay at the resort on them, which we're looking forward to! :)

Our house from the plane.
Our church from the plane.
After we landed.
The water-park in the resort.