Our New 2003 Saturn VUE

Alright, so here it is. We picked up the Saturn today after it was finished being cleaned. I just want to go out and drive it. We saved our errands for today until after we picked it up, so I could drive some. Tim told me to hold off on the driving though 'cause I'll have plenty of time doing that between Sunday and Tuesday. I'm just really excited...so hopefully that'll help the drive to MN be better.


  1. Yeah, A SUV to hold your twins your going to be blessed with someday !!!! Out of 6 children at least ONE of the Schmoyer's will have to have twins :O) LOL LOL LOL LOL and I figured so far it hasn't happened so why not Dana and Timmy !!!! :O)

    Still love me????
    Just Kidding, remember God doesn't give you anything you can't handle and your a teacher so it just shows how much you can handle (ALOT!!)

    Enjoy your new SUV!
    Everything is happening so fast, but once you get to MN, unpack and get a chance to finally take this all in.
    We miss you guys,
    Praying for you two as your packing, and soon be driving and starting your new journey together in a new town.
    Keep On Keeping On,
    Kym and family

  2. LOL, I'm not sure how much I would enjoy twins. One kid at a time is enough for me. But if that's what God wants than okay. I'm not praying for it though. :)

    Kym, you will have to bring your family up sometime and visit at our place. This time we can be the hosts! I know y'all are going to PA for Easter...so maybe during the summer or something...? Our house is a lake house, so that could be fun!