Family Photography

Amanda and I had talked about Tim and I taking their family photos for them, and today we got the opportunity! I offered us trying to take them first before going somewhere to pay to have them done. So hopefully they are happy enough with what we were able to take to be able to use them. I got their permission to put a some on my blog, so these are a few, I tried to narrow it down. :)

Davis was so cute watching him interact with Bria. He wouldn't pose for us, he just liked laying next to her spending time with her. How adorable!
Bria has just recently started to interact with people and is so much fun! During lunch she was laying on the couch talking away so I figured that would be the best time to get her to smile, and she just laughs and laughs for her Momma!
Davis sporting his new sunglasses. And he loves the water, so this was perfect for his little personality!


  1. You are a great photographer! Great pictures, of a nice family:)Those babies are precious!