I'm in Oklahoma

I had a wonderful day today spending time with my parents and Katelin. It was nice to get to sleep in also. I need to go to bed soon 'cause Brandi and I are leaving at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Today I just went all over the town with my parents. We went into the "Red Dirt Soap Company" and smelt all of their soaps and bought a couple. We were dissapointed though 'cause they didn't actually use the OK Red Dirt in their soap. But they did choose a good name for their company 'cause it got us in there. We also went to a park, drove around looking at different areas of town, and got some good food. I still haven't had my orange cream slush from Sonic, but I did have a hamburger and cheese tots and sweet tea. It was just so nice to go to Sonic again. Hopefully on the way home I'll be able to get my orange cream slush. Mmmm that sounds so good. We also went to the mall and shopped some. Katelin and I got a devotional to do together. We both have our own books for it. I'm excited to go through it with her when she comes up this summer. We got something that I will get to learn along side her instead of leading it. We also played in the mall's arcade. We played the motorcycle racing game where your control is the motorcycle and you have to tip side to side to turn. That was fun. Then we spent the rest of the time racing each other on "The Fast and the Furious" That was a ton of fun too!

I'm excited to get to see Tim again tomorrow. I really miss him. I had a great time with my family today. It was great to be together and had an awesome time and just laugh with each other. The only thing that could have made that better would have been to have Tim with us. I can't wait until tomorrow when I see him and I can wrap my arms around him.

Pray for my parents as they're traveling back home tonight. They should be getting home a little before 1am. And Dad will be at work tomorrow and Katelin at school. Pray that they will have the energy to go through tomorrow. Also, pray for Brandi and I. We are driving back to Minnesota tomorrow. It'll take us about 12 hours and we're leaving at 5:30am.


  1. I miss you! Can't wait to see you tomorrow evening. Come home quickly and safely. I love you!

  2. I prayed for you...have a safe trip!