A Little Bit of Everything

Today was great! Tim had the day off and we spent the whole day together! Tim cooked breakfast as I prepared the chicken for lunch, then we went out running errands for the car and getting a present for Adrienne's baby shower. Oh! Breakfast... I introduced Tim to Pilsbury biscuits today, the ones where you peel back the tab until the canister pops. Well, this was Tim's first time cooking these biscuits, and I didn't bother explaining the popping part so I could watch his expression. I really wish I had a video camera, 'cause Tim is hard to startle/scare, but Pilsbury did a great job! The expression on his face was about that as the doughboy up above, and Tim jumped back a little bit asking, "What was that!?" I had a good laugh and enjoyed thinking about it for about 10 minutes after. Great breakfast and entertainment! :)

Tim and I went and saw Shrek the 3rd today. There were a lot of kids in the theater, and I was afraid of them being too loud, but I think I was probably just as loud with laughter. It had it's funny parts, but I think with most sequels/series of movies, it's hard to beat the 1st one.

And finally, I ask that each of you pray for Brooklyn, she is 2 years old and has a tumor called Ganglioneuroblastoma on her kidney. It has both malignant and benign parts. The doctors are going to start with chemo and eventually do surgery to remove the tumor. Brooklyn is the niece of my Sister-in-law Brooke's best friend. Please keep Brooklyn, her family, and the doctors in your prayers.


  1. Bet the POP sells them...

  2. Probably! It's either fun to watch someone open a can for the first time, or try not to jump yourself as you wait expectantly for it!

  3. hahahahaha! Can of biscuits, priceless!