Bummer on American Idol

Melinda Doolittle, Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks

I had tears in my eyes when I saw the results on American Idol last night. Melinda went home. It looked like she got the biggest welcome home from last week though, but it wasn't enough to keep her in the finals. I was hoping she would go all the way and win, but oh well. I'm pretty sure someone is already knocking at her door to sign her. I'm not sure how next week will pan out. I'm about equal with Blake and Jordin. I'll be happy with either one of them winning. Before watching the show last night I knew I'd be bummed for whoever got booted off last night, but Melinda was a bit of a shocker for me. All three of them did a fantastic job performing on Tuesday. After that show it was really a toss up for who would move on.


  1. my tivo messed up and i didnt see AI for a while. i didnt know this had happened until i read your post about it!!!! :( i like the other 2 people, but melinda was my favorite by far. now i dont really care who wins. i'll probably still watch though.

    boo hoo hoo!!!!!!!!!

    later gal!