Visit from the In-laws

We had a good time with Tim's family. Grace and Mark and Tim's parents took turns staying up in our tower to sleep. We played a few games and ate lots of good food. I'm thinking next time we have company for that long we wont be eating as nicely. It took a lot of work and time that could have been better spent. Oh well, you live, you learn. David and Adrienne also came up on Saturday to hang out with all of us. We were able to take out our neighbor's paddle boats and go swimming and kayaking in our lake. The water was a little cold, but it was a nice day, so it felt good. Then Sunday we all went down to David and Adrienne's for dinner and Dan, Maggie and Ruby were there also. We were really worn out from the weekend, so we stayed at Dan and Maggie's for the night. It was fun to get to see David and Adrienne's new house. It's such a great place.

Now Tim and I are enjoying an evening to ourselves. We just ate dinner and are about to go play frisbee then go to the gym to work out and then back to watch American Idol after it's finished recording.


  1. I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time. We too enjoined spending time with the Schmoyer clan during Spring Break. Kaleigh and Jacob keep asking when are we going back to Doylestown. Love the picture of you'all by the lake!! We send lots of love and warm wishes to you all!!!!
    Kym and family

  2. Kym, y'all should make a trip out here to Minnesota and see us! We would love to host y'all sometime. Miss you!