A Few Random Thoughts

I talked to my assistant principal yesterday. She seemed really sweet and was very encouraging to me. More and more of my nerves about student teaching are turning into excitement, which is great. I think this blog will be really neat to look back over at the end of the semester to see the growth that will take place in my life over the next few months. And I pray that God can use this to help others out too.

I'm really looking forward to moving to Carrollton and going back to Redeemer. I know God has work to do inside of me, more than I know, so that will be wonderful. And I get to be back with my church family, youth group and boyfriend. What a blessing!

I got my tshirt quilt in the mail yesterday that my Grandma made for me. It's wonderful getting see all my old favorite shirts again and think of the memories they bring. She used 25 shirts to make a queen size blanket then made a small pillow and 2 pillow cases for me.

This morning we had a neighboring cat come visit our back porch. Charity, the family bird, stays at the back glass doors on her cage each day, and the cat was very interested in her. Faith, our kitten was really funny to watch interact with the cat. She was so timid but tried to act brave. It was very entertaining to watch.