We're Here!

We are in our new (rental) home in Minnesota. God kept us safe the whole way. Mom, Dad, and Katelin came to Carrollton on Friday to help us pack up. We all went for dinner at Don Pablos, getting in some more good Mexican food before we leave. I saw that there is a Don Pablos in Minneapolis...but I'm not sure if they food up here will be as good.
Then Saturday Tim and Dad went and picked up the U-Haul and we started loading things around 10AM. We had help from Jake and Michael from Redeemer and then Tim, Tim's old roommate.
We finished loading the U-Haul, Tim's car, and my Vue around 5pm. Long day!
Sunday was nice. The youth gave us a going away reception after the service. Then Tim and I went to lunch at Souper!Salad! with Phillip and Jessica and then were on our way to OK City to stay with my grandparents.
Monday we left OK City around 9:30am and drove in heavy rain all day long when we stopped for the night in Des Moines. Tuesday morning was bad road conditions. Schools and businesses were closed because of it, but Tim and I still went on our way so we could get at our house around 3.
The youth were here waiting with ready hands to help. We have everything in our house and are working at finding places for everything. I thought that this house would look empty with our stuff coming from a one bedroom apartment, but some how, we are managing to fill it all up. And having fun! :)