Chef Dana

I am really enjoying being married to Tim. I am really liking getting to experiment with cooking. Both of my parents are great cooks, so while I was at home there was always a meal, and I didn't spend much time cooking. Now that it's me and Tim I have been cooking quite a bit and really enjoying it. The other day I cooked a wonderful roast with potatoes, carrots and onions. It was delicious! I was very impressed. 'Course I guess it'd be pretty hard to mess up a meal in the crock-pot. For lunch tomorrow I am going to try cooking chicken in the crock-pot. I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow! :) This morning I tried to cook us an omelet for breakfast, but I didn't grease the pan so I ended up with gormet scrambled eggs. I sauteed onions, tomatoes and ham first then started the omelete to add all the fixin's. While doing this I also made hashbrowns to eat with our eggs. It was a great breakfast, very filling. Hopefully next time I'll actually make an omelete.


  1. good luck with the omlette! i still haven't mastered that one! :)


  2. Thanks! :) It'll probably be a while 'til I try it again. I cooked a whole chicken in the crock-pot this morning. It came out really good. I hated the process of getting it ready to cook in the crock-pot. I had no clue what all mom had to do to a chicken before cooking it. Gross! Although I do believe it is worth getting what we ate...still gross though. :)