My Day

I woke up at 7:30 this morning to make it to the district office to turn in my application to substitute teach. Luckily I didn' t leave the apartment any later than I did 'cause I was one of the last people they accepted. They cut off the number of subs at 80. I think I was #75.

I got back home, put on some grungy clothes 'cause I've gotten tired of dressing up for interviews. And I made a tunafish sandwich for lunch. It's kinda one of my comfort foods since my mom made tuna a lot at home, and I haven't had it in a while since Tim doesn't like tuna. I just felt like pampering myself a little today.

After lunch I rested for a little bit, Tim came home and we got to hang out for a little while he took his lunch break. Then I got our grocery list and shopping list and spent some time out of the house. I bought more Thank-you notes to finish up our thank-yous for wedding gifts. (If you haven't gotten a thank-you note yet, it's coming. I promise. Just give me a little time. There's a lot to write.) I also bought some labels to make my own return address labels 'cause I got tired of writing out our address over and over again. It's a long address!

Then I went to the post office to buy a roll of stamps and then on to the grocery store. I used a few coupons to go grocery shopping and absolutely loved shopping with coupons! It's so nice to see the price go down as they scan in the coupon. It's even nicer to see how much money gets taken off when they scan in the Kroger Plus Card. We saved about $13 with the plus card and coupons. Not too much, but it still makes a difference!

I rushed home to get all the frozen and cold and fresh foods in the apartment. It was so hot outside I didn't want the icecream to totally melt in the trunk or our fruit to go bad. It probably wouldn't have even if I had taken my time...but it kept me out of the heat too. :)

Lets see...I put the groceries away, cleaned up the kitchen and bedroom and bathroom and living room and vacuumed each room. Got everything organized to write a few thank-you notes. Then took a break when Tim came home and we cooked left over spaghetti and made a salad together. After dinner we got to talk to Tim's mom and Grace. It's so nice to hear when Tim comes to me saying, "They want to talk to you." I love that! Makes me feel so welcome to my new family I have entered into.
I am real big on family. I cherish my family that I grew up in. Immediate and extended. I hold my parents and siblings close to my heart and have a longing for the next time I see them. Now that Tim and I are married I have even more people who are part of my family now, and I am so excited to develop deeper relationships with each of them.

After dinner Tim and I went for a walk, which was much needed for me. I've gotten overwhelmed every once in a while lately, so it was nice to get some energy out while holding Tim's hand and talking to God while we walk and having conversations with Tim. It was a great time that I will probably hang onto for a while.

I have been so impressed with Tim. With how much he has laid aside to serve me. I can't remember when the last time was that he played Guild Wars, which before all the wedding fiasco he would play every night almost. And I got so sick of that game! So that has been my biggest amazement of him. Also, my love language is physical, so sometimes I just need a random hug, or for us to sit on the couch together with his arms around me, and Tim will drop whatever he is doing to tend to my needs. He helps out around the house, and really just makes sure I'm okay. He is really paying close attention to my needs and finding every way he can to meet them. God is really using Tim to witness Christ's love to me. And that witness challenges me to try to do the same for Tim. I am amazed by how much God has shown me and is teaching me already with our marriage, and I love it!


  1. Wife > Guild Wars. :D

    I love you!