No Work for Me

Well, school started yesterday for most schools and I'm not working. I emailed out a few principals in a couple different districts in case something changes this week and they need an extra teacher. I also turned in my application to substitue teach at one of the districts in the area. That will take at least 3 weeks before they'll process my papers to sub. I'll apply to a couple other districts for subbing, but I can't do those until the end of the month and beginning of September.

Tim is working part time at the church and not looking for another part time job 'cause if both of us get another job then we'll have to look more into our car situation. We haven't been using my car much because theres no air conditioning, and with getting dressed up to find jobs then Tim's car is better so I don't show up all sweaty. If we both got a job where we had to be presentable then we'd have to decide who would go in all sweaty and smelly to their work.

I've gotten pretty tired of people asking what we're doing. I don't mind talking about it, but when Sunday comes around and theres lots of people wanting to know what we're up to it gets real discouraging having to tell our story over and over. I start to feel that I should just wear a big sign that says, "I'm unemployed." I feel horrible that I'm not working full time right now to help us. God has a plan, and we just have to wait and see what that is.


  1. :) I hear and understand ya there girl! Both of us just have to wait on the Lord and His timing over the teaching and job situations. I will keep you in my prayers. L8R