Chinese Pre-School

I had an interview at a Chinese Pre-School. I laughed yesterday when I found out that the person I emailed my resume to for a pre-k position was at a Chinese pre-school because it took me by surprise. The lady called and left a message. She sounded Asian, so I looked up the school and saw what it was. I called her back 'cause I thought it'd be pretty cool to get to know another culture…and I wouldn't have to travel out of the country to do it. So I agreed to have an interview the next morning.

What it comes down to I think is that they're just really desperate to get a third pre-k teacher in their school. They're not desperate enough though 'cause they're wanting someone full time and to only pay $20,000. That's nuts! In the morning the position is teaching 4 year olds who all know English which is good. And the afternoon is teaching 3 year olds which half speak English and half Chinese. Not so good. The man I actually ended up interviewing with said that they might be able to give me $21,000 or $22,000 for full time since I have my certification, but that's still a part-time salary for full-time hours and work.

It'd be fun and a good experience, but it'd be probably a 45 minute commute in traffic, and the pay doesn't make it worth it. They asked me if I could start Monday, and I didn't have the heart to tell them right then that it wont work, so I told them that I would talk to my husband and give them a call.