Married Life

I'm really enjoying being married to Tim. He continues to amaze me day after day with his service and love to me. Before the wedding he spent every day cleaning the apartment to make it ready for me to move in. And since we've been here he has lovingly gone with me to the store to get some finishing touches for our home. He threw out the really old recliner and set up a brand new desk for me so I can have my own computer. He also put a new shower head with the extension neck in the shower for me. I loved going to Home Depot with him to buy a tool box and some tools with his gift card we got for the wedding also. Tim also helps out with some of my chores I have done around the house. Tim absolutely hates to do the dishes, but yesterday he put all the clean dishes away without me asking. I loved that! The number one thing I appreciate about Tim is his spiritual leadership he is already showing in our marriage. Starting the night of the wedding, right when we got to the hotel we started a devotional together. Every day since then Tim has initiated us doing our devotional together every morning before getting out of bed, and every night before going to sleep. I admire that most of all.

In return to show my love for Tim I have already cooked a few meals and have tried to straighten up the apartment, doing laundry and washing the dishes. Theres still lots of work to do, but we should be living here comfortably pretty soon.

Everything has been wonderful. We're learning lots of new things about each other already.

Tim, I love you so much and am so happy to have you as my husband. I am excited to find out day after day what God has in store for us.


  1. I love you too, beautiful!! :-D