The Job Front

I figured I'd give a little update on my job situation. Three days before the wedding I had a telephone interview with the school I student taught with. During the honeymoon I checked my messages one night to find out they decided to go with someone else. I also had messages from another school district and a principal in that district. I had the interview with the school yesterday, it was the principal and the three 4th grade teachers they have right now. They're looking to add another teacher so they can team teach. That was my first interview with the teaching team, before it had just been the principal and assistant. For some reason I didn't leave excited about it. I'm not discouraged, I guess I don't really have an opinion right now I guess? Today I had the interview with the district, and that was actually fun! :) I was told previously that the interview would be taped, so that made me a little nervous, but the lady that interviewed me was very nice! I got her laughing within my first minute of going into her office and we were laughing up to the point of her turning on the video camera. She still chuckled a little after turning on the camera, but composed herself to do a serious interview. :) At the end of the interview she told me that I am now in the "pool" for principals to get my information. She said that now I just wait for them to contact me. She didn't suggest me calling around to the different schools. She also told me that she has another way of speeding up my process to get on in the district and hopes to see me again in a few days to sign a contract with one of the schools.

I'm not sure how to take all of that. It sounds promising, but we'll see what happens. I know God has the perfect place for me, I just need to be patient.


  1. Thats sounds great Dana. What district? I have hit nothing but dead ends everywhere:( I pray that you get a contract soon. Talk to you soon.