First Day of Work

Today went really well. Towards the end of work I started making notes of what I could blog about, but I'm too tired to make this long. I woke up at 6 this morning to leave by 7 so I could make it in to work at 8. I didn't know how the traffic would be, so Tim suggested me giving it an hour to go 23 miles in Dallas traffic. Well, I left 5 minutes before 7 and got to work 40 minutes early. So I just sat in the car and read until 7:50 then made my way inside.

The company is a huge postal service place so it's super secure. Everyone there is completely clean with nothing on their background history. Everyone has to go through an extensive background check to work there since they're dealing with over a thousand companies in the DFW area's mail. With the security I have this really cool magnetic key card that I just wave infront of the lock thing to open the door. That was fun.

I only did part of the job today since Wednesdays are their busiest days and since it was my first day. I answered the phones for 40 different lines. Only of which 25 I really had to transfer to. I also have to page people on an intercom if they're not at their desk. It took me almost all day to stop being nervous to page people over the intercom because everyone working hears my voice on it. I also sorted the manager's business cards, just to give me something to do, and mailed out about 8 things. It kept me busy all day.

Tomorrow they're going to give me even more work to do. Today I was able to read a book in between calls, but it sounds like this was my only day I'll get to do that. I'll still bring a book just in case, but it looks like things will be picking up. I took a few pages of notes which I was able to squeeze onto one printed out sheet of paper. You have to learn fast with being a temp. I'll be here for the next 2 months it sounds like. The people are really nice and helpful. I think I'll like it there.


  1. That sounds like a great job right now for you. I know its not your passion, and that you would love to be teaching, but praise God that you now have a steady paycheck for the next two months!