Today's Lesson

Haha, well one thing I learned today is that I'm really not sure if I could work at a pre-school. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know. I went to a preschool to fill out an application and the whole time I'm sitting there filling it out all I hear is babys crying and screaming. Hopefully if they do want to interview me they'll have a pre-k position so I wont be around crying babies as much. Who knows. I think I'd just leave with a headache every day and possibly go nuts.

I'm trying to see what God is doing with me not working right now. I know one thing that I can definitely work on while I don't have any other responsibilities right now. I just get bored of sitting around the apartment. I love being outside, but right now it's way too hot to do anything outside while Tim's at work. So maybe after I get things done around the house that I can still do God will have something for me then...that way I don't stress out with too much to do. I guess I'll get off the computer and do some chores.